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I collected some links on Warrel Dane

In the last two months I’ve watched so many videos about Warrel Dane, I thought other people might be interested in them as well. At the memorial,

Jim Sheppard (Nevermore/Sanctuary) was sharing some funny memories (he decided not to hold the speech he had written and instead told them) at 1:36:40, then Lenny Rutledge (Sanctuary) was giving a great speech at 1:45:10 and his wife Kendra was reading a beautiful letter to Warrel (I can’t imagine that there’s a single person who’s not crying at this point).

In the encore to the memorial you can see Christians demonstrating in front of Studio 7 where it was held. The host of the memorial, Matt Fox (Bitter End), had already mentioned them and said that Warrel would have loved this:

For the first time, Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) is saying something about the death of Warrel Dane in this interview (he was at the memorial, just didn’t say anything):

To some tribute stuff: this animation video was created by a film student from Vancouver for the Nevermore song „Heart Collector“.

The short film „O ano em que o sol morreu“ was made by a Brazilian guy in honor of the last Sanctuary album „The Year The Sun Died“ (with English subtitles):

Here’s the interview when he shows it to Warrel Dane (some parts of the video are only in Portuguese though):

Warrel said that he appreciates these kinds of tribute to his work and that there was also a fan video with songs of his solo record featuring scenes from a Russian movie that perfectly fit the songs, but it was taken down, probably by the film company. It would be nice if it appeared on the internet again. The video to that quote:

Thiago Oliveira, one of the Brazilian musicians, Dane was working with the last years, also made a video. In it, he states that Warrel Dane was a „healer“:

I don’t know about him being a healer, but it’s true that he touched many people with his music—a good example is this interview by a Brazilian woman:

It’s so nice to see how they connect.

There are so many fan videos and tributes—one fan in the US was saying that he didn’t want to go to work when he heard the news about Warrel Dane’s death and I exactly know what he means.

When the memorial was streamed live, there was also a chat going on at youtube with a lot of Brazilians and one of them said that fifty per cent of the vocals for his solo album would have been recorded. I don’t know if it was really his musicians, but anyway, it would be really interesting to know what will happen to the recordings. And I’m pretty sure, I’m not the only one.


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